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Digital Valve Amplifier

The ADN600 is a valve amplifier for actuation of proportional valves, primarily in mobile driven machines.

The device is can be operated at supply voltages from 11 to 28V dc, changeover from 24V supplies to 12V operating voltage occurs automatically by means of the built-in supply-voltage monitor. Switchover occurs when voltage falls below 16V.

The device is normally accommodated in a plastic or metal housing. Protection against overcurrent is provided by means of a built-in resettable fuse (PTC thermistor). Connection is accomplished via a 12-pole spring terminal strip, one earthing (grounding) terminal being available for screening of each of the two cables. Actuation of the valve is effected primarily by means of a joystick, input voltage being 0.5V—2.5V—4.5V 2.5V (zero point).

The joystick is monitored in such a way that the device is deactivated in case of breakage of one or all wires. Parameter setting is accomplished via a coded rotary switch in combination with a button, a built-in potentiometer and an LED (setting is described in detail below). The device is equipped with an Enable input.

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