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PEES Components: AN207
Compatible with Denison:


PC Servo Amplifier

The AN207PC servo-amplifier has been specially designed for pressure control circuits in conjunction with a pressure adjustment valve.
Thanks to the use of a PI controller, this module permits high accuracy between the Actual pressure value and the target-value (setpoint) input.
The controller is suitable for the majority of applications requiring high linearity, independence from flow, freedom from hysteresis and independence from temperature of the set pressure.

Performance features:

  • Reverse-polarity-proof
  • Ramp can be externally deactivated, external Stop
  • Good dynamics thanks to the use of high-speed end stages
  • Five different setpoint inputs, therefore extremely flexible input circuit configuration
  • Monitoring of pressure sensor for wire breakage
  • Differential input for pressure sensor, therefore permitting operation in a 4-20 mA current loop
  • Pulse-width modulation
  • Minus potential of the power supply is identical to the zero potential of the inputs and the zero potential of the auxiliary voltage. Multiple servo-amplifiers can therefore be operated from a common power supply.
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