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The ADN 405 has been developed as a digital servo-amplifier for proportional valves featuring two magnets. The valve output stages function without fast de-excitation.

The ADN 405 is suitable for simple controlled systems in which the setpoints and ramps are specified digitally.

The ADN 405 can be operated with external analog +/–10V signals, or with external 4–20mA or 12mA +/–8mA signals. Digital setpoint application is effected via the CAN bus.

The 4–20mA or 12mA +/–8mA input is monitored for wire breakage. Alarms are issued via the separate output, which can be loaded to 24V/100mA.

The ADN 405 is equipped with five opto-decoupled inputs. In standard configuration, these are one Enable input and four setpoint inputs. Other input configurations are also possible in special cases. The ramps are assigned to the four internal setpoints and can be set from 0.01s to 30s in increments of 10ms. The module can also be actuated externally via an analog input or the CAN bus.

All settings on the ADN 405 are effected using the ADN configurator via an RS232 interface linked to a PC or laptop computer.

The input software ADN configurator is available on the Internet.

The ADN 405 can, of course, also be used for applications with one magnet in which a choke or a pressure adjustment valve is used. Only the values for the B magnet must be then set to 0 on the ADN configurator.

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