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PEES Components: AN527 / AN227
Compatible with Denison:
701-00153-8 701-00154-8 701-00156-8 701-00157-8

AN527 / AN227

Servo Amplifier

The AN527 servo amplifier has been designed for controlled proportional-stroke valves with two magnet coils. The AN527 is only used to control proportional valves.

Therefore, as this board is not only an amplifier for controlled valves (AN527) but also the basis for the closed-loop controller (AN528) it is not completely packed, and some different adjustment possibilities are not described, if it's used as the AN527.


  • Secured against wrong polarity
  • Secure of short-circuit
  • External switch-off ramp
  • Ramp with quadrant identification
  • Wide range of ramp adjustment
  • External enable (no-load current circuit)
  • Test jack for: command signal, valve current
  • Same potential of: minus of the supply voltage, zero-potential of the inputs, zero-potential of the reference voltage
  • PWM - output stages (high dynamic)
  • 4 different inputs for the most popular input-voltages and -currents, allows very flexible input switching
  • LED indication for: Power on, Ramp off, Fail-safe
  • Potentiometer for: Ramp time, Zero overlapping, Gain

The pin assignments and functions of the AN527 are compatible with the AN227.

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