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Servo Amplifier

The AN 230 was especially designed as a amplifier to control proportinal valves without position feedback combined with the possibility to get the command signals direct from the amplifier. Hereby the command signals can be used as fixed values or together with an external potentiometer.

Each of the command signals are related to a ramp, so that there are the possibility to create in an easy way a driving profile.


  • reduced power loss, short circuit protected, high dynamic PWM output stages with fast de-excitation
  • variable output current by changing jumpers up to 800, or 1600, or 2500 mA
  • internal adjustable current limiter
  • protected against wrong polarity
  • 4 adjustable command signals
  • 5 adjustable ramp times ( 4 x command signal ramps, 1 x zero ramp )
  • 2 external command signal inputs (4...20mA, -10V)
  • external ramp disable
  • ramp time 0,1s to 10 s
  • external enable
  • LED indications for power on, ramp off, fail safe, polarity changer +/-, command signal selection H1, H2, H3, H4
  • front panel potentiometer to adjust command signal, ramp time, valve overlap and offset
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