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The ADN 403 controller is a member of a modular-structure family of digital devices, which currently consists of eleven modules and is being continuously expanded. The ADN 403 is a high-speed cascade controller which permits implementation of up to three control loops. The controller has no output stage and can actuate valves equipped with on-board electronics. Analog input signals can be matched to the particular sensor by means of interchangeable sensor modules.

The following modules are currently available:

+/–10V, 12mA +/–8mA, 0–10V, 4–20mA

The 4–20mA and 12mA +/–8mA output and the input sensors are monitored, and the devices are disabled and an alarm issued in case of wire breakage or absence of load. In addition, the controller also features a +/–10V 13bit output.

A maximum of four input sensors can be connected, one setpoint sensor and three actual-value sensors being possible; these are installed at the manufacturer's works, depending on the particular application. In addition to the analog inputs and outputs, the ADN 403 also features a CAN bus. The P, I and DT1 component of each controller can be set using a PC or laptop computer. As already mentioned, the controller has a modular structure, with the result that the sensor system can be expanded with an SSI or incremental interface simply by plugging in a further module. In addition, expansion with a field-bus module enables the device to function with Profibus DP.

The ADN 403 is parametered using the ADN configurator. The controller is connected to the PC or laptop by means of an RS232 interface (or to a USB interface using a standard USB-to-RS232 adapter). The values entered for P, I and DT1 are transferred in real time, resulting in immediate reaction to value changes.

After input of the required controller parameters, the actuator can be operated by means of a built-in internal function generator. A sinusoidal, triangular and square-wave generator, the frequency and amplitude of which can be entered, is provided for this purpose.
Static operation with selectable offset is also possible.

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