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Servo Amplifier

The AN402 servo amplifier module is intended for the control of single magnet proportional valves. The control algorithm, ramps and similar command variables are derived exclusively from an external computer (PLC).

The snap-on housing enables the AN402 module to be mounted on normal carrier rails in control cabinets. The electrical connections are via a terminal strip and a flat connector (enable input).The output stage is a duplex output stage with high-dynamic response and rapid deexcitation. These design features ensure rapid switch-off of the magnet coil (approx. 4...6 ms). Multi-turn resistances allow the adjustment of volumetric flow amplification, pressure amplification and Imin jump.

The module has an integrated ramp generator that allows adjustment of the ramp times (ramp up, ramp down) by means of two multi-turn resistances. The ramp can be switched off externally by an input (ramp off).

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