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The ADN 407 has been developed as a digital controller for actuation of servo and proportional valves in which the valve output stage is mounted on the valve. The controller is of dual type for operation of, for example, two axes synchronously as a CNC control system.

To make allowance for an environment possibly containing faults, the output signal is low impedance at ±20mA or can be jumper-selected to 12mA ±8mA.

The ADN 407 is extremely suitable, with high-speed servo valves, for control tasks in the 0–150Hz frequency range. In combination with the add-on module (MD15), the ADN 407 can also be operated as a two-axis CNC control system.

As a digital controller for one axis, the cascade controller for three control loops provides sufficient hardware for performance of a large number of control tasks.

The input sensor system is equipped with interchangeable sensor modules, signifying that the module can be operated using the widely used input signals, such as 4–20mA or ±10V, for example, or other similar signals. A medium-frequency generator with demodulator is possible for operation with inductive position encoders. The sensor input modules are equipped with a second-order low-pass filter. Phase shift at 150Hz is approx. 13°, damping at 10kHz approx. ca. 45dB.

The sensors can be secured against vibration, in order to permit mobile applications. The line of action (sign) of the individual sensor modules can be selected using the ADN configurator. This permits rapid start-up of the entire system at rational cost. Fine matching to various valve currents is possible using level limitation.

The external sensors can be supplied with 24V DC from the device. A PTC thermistor assures full thermistor-type protection against external short-circuits. Any faults are signalized via a separate output, which can be loaded to 24V/100mA.

The ADN 407 is equipped with six opto-decoupled inputs. These are, in standard configuration, one Enable input, one Ramp OFF input, and four setpoint inputs. Other input configurations are also possible in special cases. The ramps are assigned to the four internal setpoints and can be set from 0.01s to 30s in increments of 10ms. The module can, in addition, also be actuated externally via an analog input or via the CAN bus. The three controllers are P, I and DT1 controllers, with a sample time for all controllers of approx. 0.1ms, including the necessary monitoring functions.

An internal function generator, the frequency of which can be selected from 0.1 to 50Hz, is available for controller optimization. The generator supplies sinusoidal, triangular and square waves. Amplitude and offset can be entered at ±10V.

All settings on the ADN 407 are effected using the ADN configurator via an RS232 interface linked to a PC or laptop computer.

The software for the ADN configurator is available on the Internet.

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