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Servo amplifier/PID Controller

The AN430 controller module has been developed, with the controller and servo amplifier accommodated in a single housing, for actuation of servo valves. The servo valve section can be supplied for four different current ranges (±20mA, ±100mA, ±200mA, ± 300mA). Special types for other valve currents are also possible.

Servo valves are generally installed in control circuits and function as high-dynamic adjusting elements. It is therefore an obvious step to accommodate the valve end stage together with the controller section in one housing. In the case of the AN430 unit, the controller section has been equipped with a P I D controller. Interchangeable input modules are available for target value and actual value signals, making possible trouble free matching of the signals by the customer. The target value is routed via an adjustable ramp with a quadrant detector. This ramp can be deactivated. The I component of the controller can also be deactivated, permitting operation as a P or a PD controller. The target value can be adjusted via a spindle resistor relative to the actual value.

Since the valve coil is operated on one side toward 0V, the control module's end stage can also be used as a current driver or U/I converter.

The AN430 module's snap on housing permits its installation on the standard mounting rails normally found in control cabinets. Electrical connection is accomplished via the built in terminal strip.

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