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Servo Amplifier

The AN236 servo-amplifier has been specially developed for yoke positioning on an axial piston pump.

The AN236 is used as a basic unit. By connecting a special module it is possible to drive the AN236 as the AN237 together with positioning controlled proportional valves.


  • Secured against wrong polarity
  • Secure of short-circuit
  • External switch-off ramp
  • Ramp with quadrant identification
  • Wide rang eof ramp adjustment
  • External enable (no-load current circuit)
  • Test jack for: command signal, valve current
  • Same potential of: minus of the supply voltage, zero-potential of the inputs, zero-potential of the reference voltage
  • PWM-output stages (high dynamic)
  • Different inputs for the most popular input-voltages, allows flexible input switching
  • LED indication for:Power on, Ramp off, Fail-safe
  • Potentiometer for ramps and pump modulation mounted on front panel
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