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Servo Amplifier

The AN238 servo amplifier has been designed for the control of axial piston pumps valves in conjunction with servo valves.

The module can be used as a pressure controller (zero stroke pump) or a volumetric flow controller by changing jumpers.


  • linear output stage
  • protected against wrong polarity
  • different inputs for the most common input voltages. 1 user-selectable input (10k /V), 1 - 10V differential input
  • ramp can be disabled externally
  • quadrant-sensitive ramp with wide range of adjustment (0.2...10sec)
  • external enable (normally closed circuit)
  • external controller enable
  • adjustable pressure controller
  • LED indicators for 'Power on', 'Ramp off', 'Fail safe', 'Ctrl on'
  • potentiometers on the front plate for setting ramp times, Qmax and controller P and I components
  • monitoring of pressure sensor and angular resolver on pump yoke
  • logic output for malfunctions
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