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Pressure Controller

The AN410 pressure controller module is intended for pressure closed-loop-controls in conjunction with a pressure control valve. When the controller enable is switched off, the unit operates as an open loop controller in which the system pressure is adjusted in the usual manner by the valve current in conjunction with the control characteristic.

When the controller is enabled, the well-known disadvantages of open loop control are compensated and the pressure is controlled free of hysteresis, irrespective of the temperature and linear to the setpoint.
The actual pressure value is monitored for wire break and is available as a 0...10V signal on terminal 12 for measurement purposes.

Adaptation to the control system is possible using the P and I potentiometers.
The snap-on housing enables the AN410 module to be mounted on normal carrier rails in control cabinets. The electrical connections are done by a terminal strip and 3 flat connectors.

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