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The ADN 411 has been developed as a CNC control system for operation with a valve in which the electronics are mounted on the valve. The assembly consists of two modules, of types MD6 and MD14. The MD6 is the basic module (equivalent to ADN 407). The MD14 is the add-on CNC module. The MD14 CNC module is also used in other device combinations, due to the modular structure of this system.

The ADN 407 basic module has, in this particular case, already been described, with the result that the following outline description relates primarily to the add-on module.

The MD14 CNC module is equipped with an SSI interface for operation with an absolute position encoder, such as absolute shaft encoders or Temposonic, for example. An interface which permits incremental position measurement is also included. Position measurement uses for recognition of direction an A and a B channel with an index which permits correct detection of zero in combination with a limit switch. The pulse generator is supplied with 24V from the ADN 411.

The MD14 CNC module is equipped with its own signal processor, which has a processing speed of 40MIPS. Four further inputs and four outputs are also provided, with the result that the ADN 411 device combination has a total of 11 inputs and 5 outputs.

The ADN 411 device has been created by combining the MD6 (ADN 407) and the MD14. It has a width of 45mm and is suitable for installation on DIN 50022 rails.

The ADN 411 is equipped with two microprocessors, each of 40MIPS. Combination of digital and analog sensors is therefore possible in special cases without overloading the microprocessors' processing speed.

The ADN 411 is equipped with the CAN bus, which permits communication of a large number of devices with one another. Augmentation of such a device group with the Profibus assures an interface to the majority of PLC control systems. The necessary GSD file is provided if a Profibus is used.

As already mentioned in the outline description of the ADN 407, the MD6 basic module does not feature an output stage for correcting elements in which the actuation electronics are mounted on the correcting element.

All settings on the ADN 411 are effected using the ADN configurator via an RS232 interface in combination with a PC or laptop computer.

The input software ADN configurator is available on the Internet.

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