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PEES Components: AN203
Compatible with Denison:


Servo Amplifier

The AN203 servo-amplifier has been designed for pressure control circuits with position-controlled pressure valves.

Card types:

AN 203 - 10 - 08 800 mA
AN 203 - 10 - 16 1600 mA
AN 203 - 10 - 25 2500 mA

Performance features:

  • Reverse-polarity-proof
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Ramp can be externally deactivated
  • External Stop
  • Measuring sockets for target value ("setpoint") and valve current
  • Minus potential of power supply is identical to the zero potential of the inputs and the zero potential of the reference voltage. Multiple servo-amplifiers can therefore be operated from a common power supply.
  • Good dynamics, thanks to the use of high-speed end stages
  • Broad ramp setting range
  • Five different inputs for the most common input voltages and input currents, therefore extremely flexible input circuit configuration
  • Pulse-width modulation
  • Path-encoder monitoring on the valve
  • Servo-amplifier can be operated with an I-min jump by resoldering a jumper
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