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PID Controller

The AN206 controller module has been developed for use in plant engineering. Combination with other modular units permits assembly of any controller arrangements required. The P, I and D components can be adjusted internally or externally, via potentiometers.

External parameter adjustment is used predominantly in test and inspection system engineering.

The AN206 module is available in two versions:

  • AN206-10, incorporating three multipliers for adjustment of the P, I and D components via an external reference variable, from 0 to 10V (e.g. a computer control system)
  • AN206-20, with no multiplier, adjustment of the P, I and D components being accomplished via external potentiometers or internally, via multi-turn resistances or (also internally) via fixed setpoints

The use of the AN206 modular unit naturally presupposes knowledge of controller practice. Description of it is therefore limited to notes and recommendations. Internal circuit diagrams are provided with every delivery to improve comprehension. All resistors and capacitors with ratings of above 100 are routed to bifurcated soldering tags to facilitate modification and replacement.

The "hot" side is indicated by a white dot. Any measurements to be made on the modular unit should be made at these marks.

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