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PEES Components: AN208
Compatible with Denison:


Setpoint Module

The AN208 setpoint module was designed for the application of setpoints in electrohydraulic open and closed loop control systems.

With this module, it is possible to connect external setpoint potentiometers or the setpoints that are adjustable on the module can be connected internally.

If external setpoint potentiometers are used, the internal multi-turn resistors can be used to extend their setting range.


  • 5 setpoint relays
  • setpoints adjustable using multi-turn resistors
  • solder jumpers on the card to select internal or external setpoints
  • summation amplifier with 6 inputs to cascade several setpoint modules
  • output signal from the summator is available both inverted and non-inverted
  • operating condition of each setpoint relay is displayed on the front plate above the multiturn
  • resistance
  • as a special feature for proportional valves, the polarity can be changed by solder bridge
  • additional supply rectifier to provide 24V DC for the relay coils
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